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Plain and simple- We want to provide fresh, nourishing foods to as many local families as possible and even inspire some to grow their own!  

We want to get people excited about eating locally.  There's no need for "Farm to Table" to be a fad.  It should be a way of life again like it was just a couple generations ago.  With food security and "greenwashing" being ever increasing issues it is important for people to know where their food comes from and how it is grown.  

We grow our produce organically and focus on continually building our soil health, because produce is only as nutrient dense as the soil that it's grown in. We never use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on anything that we grow.   

Our animals hold a special place in our hearts, even the ones whose sole purpose is to feed our family and yours.  Our animals are raised the way that nature designed.  Our laying hens and roasting chickens are free to roam through the grass and eat a variety of plants and bugs the way that they're supposed to.  Our goats have room to frolic and play; the pigs enjoy garden scraps, mud-bathing, and belly rubs; our beehives have countless flowers to pollinate in our large flower patch throughout most of the year. 

We also strive to provide delicious, nourishing "convenience" foods.  Our line of specialty foods launched in 2021 and includes kombucha, cultured yogurt, soft cheeses, herbal remedies and more.

We believe it's time for a food revolution.  It's time that people stop supporting factory farms and stop buying artificially ripened produce that was shipped across the country.  Every dollar you spend on food is a vote for what you want to see more of in the future.  We hope that you will choose to support small farms and even be inspired enough to start your own garden!

Free Range Chickens

Check out the local businesses that we partner with

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